centuries and centuries


Discarded wooden horse


What magic is or was         



hieroglyphic, small star in a wordless conversation

shearling snowman alone in the forest

sandstorm angels, matted thick as wet fall

   leaves upon a grassy shore

the world is made of words we use to make it look that way, how the sap

    strands turn bonelike in wind

salted earth and hearts all whispering

a feeling or laybelief


forms in pale open wind     with


into the open world Mischief

glows wet

kindling bound

weaving wiles and gleaming Love

coiled into love

interweaving words with sighs

a hope

undreamed of and unknown

cottontail heart (calico heart)

voiced stops became

voiceless in time as whistles waning

while the


snouts shortened on species of dogs

gestures and glass


flowers, cuneiform inscriptions

burning white burnt black

felt in the absence of fantasia

wingèd sheep

shorn of their fleece

Mickey mouse     fingernails       slid

with a green radiance           among

the winter              apricots

the     tremble in the stream

buries    hare    white cloud

A cottage past a fragrant bog

flaunts balsamic darkness

An east coast

winter swirling california

full aflame

Pinecone incandescence

Coal tipped      and torchy orange


      Bubble  like  quick         Lime


              singular felicities

      Nothing   is         itself

Rakes in the

I am raking in the

I rake in the



the past gets flattened.

It seems as if the way it happened

the only way it could've happened,

moth   fur   sour   cherry   ashes

White dust

and screaming

and starfruit

and crinoline

It is 2018 B.C.

Silicas coat lofty

latticework stones,

eve-star spins

in the dusk,

fossils sleeping.

æons lost

before Christ I'm sapphiric

elope with

wild spiders

red    rain         weld      wet flames     

Calcified sintering calcified

til      tight     lil     statement

 clear     enough

Sink back int

glittering unbelief

the rock river.      Glowing







one two

wild plums.

Sunk relief,

stitched as land,



The shadow contained a fractured clock

Dimming fissure

Beanstalk swaths, skyward hum

Harmonies        rat laughter

Relations mimicked eons

Violet gourds laid in wait

Mistletoe weakening cancer

One flesh patterned    flocklike      merged

Half reaped fruits    lay gleaming



Lidless pink eyes or in the Old World

Spit on stone

Bitter cadence

Bitten knots

Lemon lime sulfur

Landscapes of real stone

Screeching in rain

Heaving in Eden

Vibration of eternal consequence



      To drown, in a field of barley

 but the word was

                  violets, not barley

                              hospitality of the world