crosshatched flatland

a pack of wild dogs

Eden does not mean a barren plain but a wide stretch of flat land and more.

The traces of whose encampment


Hardly animate hobbled forth


Carried embers



traversed the whole Heaven


“(part) of what you must have handed

    to the earth,

    of what you must have handed



Fable       degrading fable


Vox humana

swallowed up (as) by a bog

Gods scattered around


Harmonic harmonic equilibrium equilibrium intact intact intact intact intact


string   cord    thread   wool yarn    flax    snare     net


neck      river bank    side        force   land  pulse        entirety

voice    noise      cry    ox    eat    nurse     devour swallow




Whether the psyche is felt by the individual to be localized and where


ditches: no: there is


The dried old skin and the seed pods


The normal task of weaning


The intact artifact of life


breathed (like the bird)


.(Is it easy for a child to be born)









thistle plant



breccia - bone






Faint colors of the shrinking old leaves


Bronze bells

Roots of various bursts of small cockroaches, no complete pressure on survival


Came to the surface in pools and marshes

Mounds of ruins

Snares of tough grass

gaseous  : indistinct


Produce sound (speak) when air pressure (wind) is directed through



Strewn - 

as flour

to -     migrationpatterns


spir sp - sp


Ecstasy of the neutral : dust gathered in the river

: over the sand dunes like a fly


asp insp exp resp


Vibrational response          How the signs were first scratched into the surface


[Petrified formula devoid of its original meaning]

[Ancient omission of a portion of the text]


Collection of unpredictable events


and as as much but either from him he if in let on or that the they this through thus that this unto what whatever where which whichever who whoever why abandon aid pure which opens